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Should I be worried about the so-called “yo-yo effect,” in which my weight comes back after losing it?

2023-02-23 13:52
Yo-yo effect refers to a phenomenon in which a person who successfully moderated weight by reducing the overall basic metabolic level rapidly gains weight afterward. In order to prevent this, patients need thorough posthoc maintenance, but even during the weight loss process, they must receive professional help that enables the selective loss of body fat (as opposed to muscles) and adequate weight loss speed. Many places that claim to manage obesity (so-called “shops”) advertise a “yo-yo-less diet.” However, to prevent such a phenomenon, professional management and patient's effort are required, and the claim that certain weight loss programs completely prevent yo-yo effect is not only overblown but also fraudulent. In fact, a small number of patients who have received our weight loss treatment have experienced their weight return, but we pride ourselves in minimizing yo-yo effect better than any other providers of weight loss programs.